After me is   many years of experience in translating legal, technical, global,  and financial texts; for example, court documents, agreements, family law documents and annual reports.


My  daily job is  translations  many different types of text for companies, central and local government, as well as private individuals from/to  Swedish and  English  into/ from Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian.


Betyg & Intyg Översättningar (certificates and letters of reference) specialises in the translation of various types of documents and certificates from schools, public authorities, employers, etc.



An authorised translator and member and board representative of FAT

 (Föreningen Auktoriserade Översättare) RS ,  B and H


Specializes in:
Automotive / Cars & Trucks Law (general)
General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters Environment & Ecology
Nuclear Eng/Sci Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Energy / Power Generation Law: Contract(s)
Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs Linguistics


I offer  Translation, Interpreting, Voiceover (dubbing), Training, E -learning, 



+387 65 337 840

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